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Rusthall St Paul’s CE Primary School







Oxford Class - Year 2


Joanna Brown (Mon, Tues, Weds)

Rhoda Williams (Thurs, Fri)

Teaching Assistant:

Ms Wendy Maynard


Dear Oxford parents,

We’re sure there will be as many approaches to homeschooling as there are children in our class. Some of you may choose to make your learning entirely different to the way it looks in school and some of you may really appreciate the ideas that we are able to suggest online. But however you’re approaching it, we have two suggestions:

  1. It would be so lovely for the class to stay connected. This means us all getting to grips with Dojo. Up to this point we have been using it in its most basic form but there is also the opportunity for the children to create a ‘portfolio’. This will allow children to upload messages, photos or videos of the things that they are doing. These would come to us first and then we could share them with the class. Information on this will appear on Dojo soon – we are also on a distance-learning learning-curve!
  2. However relaxed you want to be, there are ways you can build a structure into the day which might be helpful. We would encourage you to set up regular slots with your children around the basic skills – skills that will really help them when they return to school:


As well as any books you have at home, we’ve included details in this pack of Oxford Owl online books so you can log onto our class set.

Audible are offering free children’s audio books at the moment and there are lots of other reading opportunities online.


Spelling and phonics

We have included some of the tricky words and the first 200 high-frequency words in this pack – maybe you could learn a few a week and set your own spelling tests?

Oxford Owl again has some great ideas for spelling.

If your child could use some more practice with phonics then we would really recommend


Times tables

By the end of year 2, children should know their 2,5 and 10x tables. They should also know the division facts for these ie 2x5=10 and 10÷5=2. Any other times tables will of course be brilliant for year 3.

Two great sites would be Timestables Rockstars and Numbots.


Telling the time

Please keep practising this at home.