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Rusthall St Paul’s CE Primary School







FORS Events

FORS put on a number of fantastic events throughout the school year, catering for the children, parents/carers and the local community. They are always lots of fun and help raise much needed funds for the children at our school. 

Our next event is the fabulous Shopping Evening on Wednesday 20th October - come along and browse various stalls of wonderful goodies being sold by local members of the community. A welcome glass of prosecco will greet you on the door and this event always proves a fantastic way to kick off your Christmas shopping. 

On Friday 22nd October we will celebrate the end of this half-term with a regular event on our fundraising calendar - Make the Rules Day! The children are able to dress in home clothes, bring in a toy, have squash in their bottles - all for 50p per rule made. This one is always a winner raising smiles amongst our children and funds for the pot. 

We are also always fundraising online though through our Facebook page: Friends of Rusthall School

Follow us there for the most up to date information and join our online hub for the latest school news. 

With Christmas approaching, we have been reflecting on what we achieved in an extremely challenging 2020. We were able to put our funds raised towards a wonderful treat for the pupils of our school - each class received a call and a special gift from the North Pole elves! Below is a link to the message everyone received and it was such a memorable event, not only for our Reception pupils but also Year 6 who got just as involved in the magic of the Christmas season:   2020 Christmas Elves Class Video

It is an honour to be able to provide funds for the benefit of our children's wellbeing as well as the more tangible items we fundraise towards.

If you can spare any time to help the committee organise or run our events, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.